Happy Valentine’s Day from Project Little Spark

imageOn behalf of the special needs students who created this collage, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day or as one of our girls with Down’s Syndrome says “happy heart smile day”.  Share the ❤️ and spark on!

USVI students prepare Valentine’s Day cards for community elders

project little spark is inspired by a belief that a simple act of kindness lights a desire to continue to help others…

Our goal is to directly promote kindness, generosity, and compassion in all children, including those with special needs.

In that spirit, Project Little Spark enjoyed a productive day with special needs students from St. Croix, USVI (United States Virgin Islands) as we prepared Valentine’s Day cards for distribution to residents at the local Home for the Aged.Vday cards(2)When asked how the older folks might feel when they open their cards, one of our boys with autism commented, “happy…they got no family…now got card to smile”.  Wise words and insight from a young boy struggling with social connections…

Sparking on!