Bell School for the Deaf students prepare Fall 2016 shipment

Project Little Spark enjoyed working with Mr. Coleman’s class at the Bell School for the Deaf to prepare our next shipment of donated supplies.


The boys were quite serious about the color choices for their art projects!

Mr. Coleman and his kids learned about St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) as well as their global peers from The School for Children with Special Needs (SCSN) in SVG.  They were excited to send their peers well wishes. When asked to predict how the children might feel when they opened their package and knew someone in Chicago was thinking about them, one of the boys signed, “happy smile happy good”.  We decided that sums up the feeling pretty well!  We then had fun making art work to include in the Fall shipment.



Thanks to all who donated supplies over the last few months. We collected supplies valued at ~$300 to send to SCSN in this shipment. Your ongoing generosity and support are very much appreciated.

To quote one of our kids :  “thanks for the giving”, and, as always, keep sparking on!


Sharing some pics from our SVG partner…#BeTheSpark #ProjectLittleSpark #seedthechange

The School for Children with Special Needs (SCSN) in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) recently received their second shipment from students at the Bell School for the Deaf in Chicago, IL.  To help the Chicago SVG 2students understand more about their global peers, SCSN sent several pictures showing their students participating in typical school events.  The intent of the photo and card exchanges we are implementing is to help the children recognize they have a lot in common but can learn from each others’ differences.  For example, all of the children enjoy games but we Chicagoans are still trying to figure out cricket (apparently very popular in SVG)! As always, we are very appreciative to our supporters who donated school supplies and to The Pollination Project for the funds to ship supplies to SVG.  Sparking on…

Bell School for the Deaf helps prepare next shipment to SVG…#seedthechange @PollinationProject #BeTheSpark #ProjectLittleSpark

Project Little Spark enjoyed a fun afternoon with students from the Bell School for the Deaf.  We learned more facts about SVG, completed an art project, and collected cards the children made for their peers to be included in our Spring quarter shipment to The School for Children with Special Needs in SVG.  Thanks to @PollinationProject for the funds to cover shipping costs!

photo 1


Lucio and William take their work very seriously!

photo 2

“Little Spark”: Chicago-SVG

Mr. Coleman’s first grade class from the AlexandeColeman class from Bell School for Deaf_worked on first shipment to SVGr Graham Bell School for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing in Chicago, IL is sharing supplies and writing cards to their peers from The School for Children with Special Needs in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Through this process, they are learning about giving as well as how some children live and go to school in the Caribbean.  The first shipment of school supplies and personal cards from Mr. Coleman’s kids was successfully delivered in early 2015!  We are excited to continue their work and plan a second, larger shipment before the end of the current school year.

More details and updates will follow…