Bell School for the Deaf students prepare Fall 2016 shipment

Project Little Spark enjoyed working with Mr. Coleman’s class at the Bell School for the Deaf to prepare our next shipment of donated supplies.


The boys were quite serious about the color choices for their art projects!

Mr. Coleman and his kids learned about St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) as well as their global peers from The School for Children with Special Needs (SCSN) in SVG.  They were excited to send their peers well wishes. When asked to predict how the children might feel when they opened their package and knew someone in Chicago was thinking about them, one of the boys signed, “happy smile happy good”.  We decided that sums up the feeling pretty well!  We then had fun making art work to include in the Fall shipment.



Thanks to all who donated supplies over the last few months. We collected supplies valued at ~$300 to send to SCSN in this shipment. Your ongoing generosity and support are very much appreciated.

To quote one of our kids :  “thanks for the giving”, and, as always, keep sparking on!


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