The SHED Project takes one step closer to implementation…

Sharing a little behind-the-scenes peek of our work over the last few weeks…


Setting up our first SHOEBOX audiometry system for The SHED Project

Two of Project Little Spark‘s partner schools, the School for Children with Special Needs in Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) and the Sunshine School in Bequia, SVG, are participating in The SHED Project, a Speech and Hearing Early Detection (SHED) clinic.  SHED provides speech & hearing screenings, hearing aid checks, and workshops.  In addition to providing clinical services for children and education for their caregivers and teachers, the SHED project provides training for local people to become audio-techs with the intent to create local capacity for project sustainability.

SHED clinics are now outfitted with SHOEBOX audiometers powered by the Essie system (the patented wearable portable solar energy generator that allows everyday items to become personal power sources).  SHOEBOX is the first clinically validated iPad audiometer that provides diagnostic accuracy in a small mobile unit.

We are currently in the midst of required trainings to operate SHOEBOX audiometry!! After successful completion of our training, SHOEBOX (uniquely capable for use outside the traditional sound booth) will allow us to test children and adults during annual checkups and surveillance testing in virtually any environment on island.  We are thrilled to be the first health care professionals to bring SHOEBOX to the Eastern Caribbean and are excited to be one step closer to implementation.  Stay tuned for future updates on our progress.

Next steps:  workshop development


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